The First Move of Many

In preparation for our big overseas move (and to save enough money to afford it), we moved into Matt’s Mom’s last weekend.

We’re used to being able to walk to work in 10 minutes so being out in Maungaraki is a bit of a change! We’ve been getting dropped off at the train station in the mornings and taking the train into town then walking to work. It takes about 30 mins in total so it’s not a bad commute!

Getting home after work takes a bit longer. Since we’ve both quit the gym and would like to get some fitness back (and lose some weight before we pig out on amazing SE Asia food) we’ve committed to walking up the hill every day (unless it’s raining)! Our first attempt took 37 minutes which was a bit quicker than we planned! Perhaps we can get it under 30.

It’s been great being out here and able to spend time with Janet and Allan. This weekend we went fishing on Allan’s boat. I love fishing so I was pretty excited to be out there! I caught quite a few fish (which later became dinner) before the waves got to me and our trip ended with me hanging off the back of the boat. That part wasn’t so fun.

Hopefully we can go out a few more times before we leave so I can get my sea legs!



7 thoughts on “The First Move of Many

      • A fish Story

        I think you are floundering? You can do better. Maybe I can help. ‘always keep the female fish – they may roe yer boat fer ya’. maybe Dayna has told you not to encourage me. be a reel man and take sole responsibility for your actions. I guess you can see I’m lure-ing oar baiting you. but not responding may be life preserving for you as you have a vested interest in your relationship so sinker swim it’s up to you, but weight! weight! there’s more, eh. oh well, what ever floats your boat.

        the end.

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