Our South East Asia Itinerary

So we were going to write a quick run down of our plans for our 2 months in South East Asia BUT pictures are so much easier and quicker so here is where we are going: (starting in Singapore)

SE Asia Trip Map

You can view a Full Size interactive version of the travel map by clicking here (done at Travellerspoint). A little bit of backtracking (which we have to do because that’s where we will be travelling out of) but we think it’s a pretty good plan.  We have a few internal flights booked but after flying Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi, we don’t have anything booked until we fly out of Siem Reap (despite the map making it look like we are flying out of Hanoi).  So we have a long overland trip to make up as we go the length of Vietnam and then across Cambodia.  Hopefully the overnight trains are comfy!

Some (of the many) highlights we’re looking forward to are:

  • Universal Studios, the Night Safari and Raffles hotel in Singapore
  • Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam
  • Cruising in Halong Bay
  • Canyoning in Dalat
  • Seeing the sunset (and rise) over Angkor Wat
  • Lazing on beaches in Langkawi, Nha Trang, Phuket and Phi Phi island
  • And of course – eating awesome cheap street food everywhere we go

If you’ve heard or done any other cool things in these places, share them with us!

Only 70 days to go!


2 thoughts on “Our South East Asia Itinerary

  1. A whale of a tale:
    I was on the ferry the other day and saw orca. it was a fluky thing. the captain came by and invited me to the wheelhouse for a better view. so I slipped him a fin to seal the deal. He said he could make oh $50 a day in tips. there was a whole school of them and the captain said it was an ESL (echo sounding for learners) class. One young whale was swimming away from the pod. I think he was Baleen out. I finally had to get my hump back to work, but it’s a whale of a tale, eh?
    The end.

  2. A cow story!!
    After Capt Cook discovered Vancouver island and claimed it for the queen, he wanted to establish a settlement and create a farm to service same. He had cattle shipped out from England, stop me if you’re herd this before. When the ship arrived, it was low in the water and the shore line was rugged so it got as close as it could. The sailors shoved the cattle overboard and made them swim for it. I suppose they did the cow paddle. I know it sounds udderly ridiculous but it’s no B.S. One of the cattle was very obstinate but a big sailor took the bull by the horns and, giving a blood curdling yell, drove him into the ocean. Some of the other sailors had a beef with this, threatening to re veal him to the captain, wanting him to be tied to the steak. But he hied it to steerage to hide. The sailors were distracted by the commotion in the water and rushed to the railing, leaving no one to steer. They bet on which cow would be first to shore. A cow named Elsie was leading but at the last second, Bossy horned in and won. Now cows have big bodies and spindly legs so when they got to shore, their calves were sore. The calves were sore too because the adult cows wouldn’t wait up for them. So when they got to shore they bawled them out. The captain then polled the anchor and sailed a whey.
    Now I know this has been a mooving story, but I’ve milked it for all it’s worth so it behooves me to stop.
    Now Dayna, don’t have a cow!! I know what you’re going to say: “Dad, just steer the bus.”

    The end

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