Duels and Pools

This is just a short update – not used to having a blog again and need to get back into the habit of writing!


I feel I should explain my Dad in order for everyone to understand his past few comments. As a Dad of 9 (yes, 9), I believe his inclination for Dad Jokes/puns has grown exponentially with every child he’s had. Factor in the growing (albeit at a stalemate for now) number of grandchildren, and well, I guess I’m trying to say that he just can’t help himself. So when Matt challenged him to a Pun Duel in this post, there was NO stopping Dad.
Poor Matt had no idea what he had gotten himself into…


We’ve been keeping ourselves busy the past couple weeks. We don’t get up to too much as most of our money is ear marked for exciting things in SE Asia, and of course, surviving our first few months in the UK. But, we have gone to a couple of cricket games.
Last week was a Twenty20 match which the Blackcaps won, and this past Saturday was a one day game which we did not win. I did, however, get a bit of sun stroke as well as food poisoning from the Stadium’s fish and chips – guess I should consider it ‘practice’ for SE Asia.


I should also ‘practice’ bringing my camera everywhere! I’d have many more stories to post if I had photos to make them a bit more interesting. Another ‘To Do’ item to add to the (very long) list.


And FINALLY, accommodation for Langkawi is BOOKED! It took us ages to decide on a place to stay here. All the nice places were really expensive and the reasonably prices places had really scungy bathrooms. Eww.
Anyway, we finally settled on a place that doesn’t cost too much and has lots of good reviews on TripAdvisor.com (which I highly recommend for finding accommodation). We will be staying 5 nights and I can guarantee you I will rarely leave the side of our pool.

 Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi, Langkawi,  Malaysia
This means that the first 2 weeks of our trip are locked in for accommodation and flights. For the rest of the trip, we’ll probably keep a list of 3 places we’d like to stay in each town (besides Hanoi as we’re most likely staying at a hostel my sister recommended) and check them out before deciding. This is pretty easy to do in SE Asia anyway and usually means we can haggle on the price a bit!

Only 57 days to go!


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