Saying goodbye to the Travel Beard

It is with a heavy heart that I have had to say goodbye to my Travel Beard in Phuket.

It’s been with us through 7 countries and has shared some good times.  It’s come in handy for saving food for later and looking thoughtful (rubbing your beard always makes you look deep in thought).  It’s protected me from getting a sunburnt face and kept me warm when the aircon is on too cold.  It’s even helped Dayna find me when shopping (“Man with beard?” “He go that way”).

Unfortunately, job interviews are fast coming up and I need to at least look like a respectable guy.

I haven’t had a clean shaven face in about 9 months so this was an emotional experience – pretty much like giving birth I imagine.

Last shot of the Travel Beard

Last shot of the Travel Beard

Mid shave

Mid shave

Possible new look?

It was very tempting to leave it at this stage

Movember is coming...

Looks like I will be set come Movember

No more beard

…and now I look like a 12-year old


6 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to the Travel Beard

  1. Yep, I imagine it’s EXACTLY like birthing a child. Dayna will never fully appreciate how difficult and painful this was until she herself expels a HUMAN BEING from her lady bits. In fact, you should probably bring up this very occasion as she’s pushing. Just casually slip into the conversation “now you know what it felt like to shave my travel beard” she will totally understand and if she doesn’t well then at least you will already be at a hospital! My condolences to you Matt, it was not just a scruffy beard, it was a glorious friend.

    • You’re right Marissa, I think this was the perfect experience for me to go through to be able to relate to child birth one day – I’ll have to remember to bring it up at the right time though (maybe I’ll ask one of the nurses to let me know when it’s time to slip it in to the conversation). And thanks for your condolences, it was like saying goodbye to a glorious friend!

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