Party in Ibiza

I think it’s safe to say we were all looking forward to a relaxing end to our trip in Ibiza. We had booked a hotel that had a great view, really nice pool and were looking forward to making good use of it.

Hotel Pool

When we booked this hotel months and months ago, we didn’t read all the reviews saying it was gay-friendly. No worries, we thought, we like gay people….it will be great. Well, when we got handed this map on checking in we twigged that it may actually be a bit awkward for us at the pool.


That pool was that exact scene every day and when you’re 2 couples, you feel a little bit out of place. So, we settled for plan B – a quick walk around the area then chilling out in our room. Luckily, the weather wasn’t so great and we needed to save our energy for that night so we didn’t feel that bad. Later on, Sarah joined us for some drinking games and music before we headed to Pacha to see David Guetta! Unfortunately, by the time we walked to the club (which took about an hour) the buzz had worn off quite a bit and it was way too expensive to top up (at least 16 Euro) so we just had to power through.

Pre Pacha

Cath and I




We were in for a long night




David Guetta - Pacha

David Guetta - Pacha

At about 4am, my body decided I had put it through enough in the last week and I had to get out of the crowd. After a couple very expensive waters (8 Euros for a small bottle) and some fresh air, we all at the same point as this guy and decided to call it a night.



Finally, we had a whole day to do absolutely nothing and recover from the craziness of the past week. We slept until 1pm and did absolutely nothing else besides a trip to Burger King – it was well deserved.

The sun finally came out for our last day on the island and we soaked it up (and got a little bit burnt) while reading on beach chairs. It was the perfect end to an intense but awesome trip around Spain.


Sunset from our hotel


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