Lucerne and Liechtenstein

We left Interlaken for more trains through more Alps. Our next stop was Lucerne which we were excited about mainly because it had been the last pit stop on the latest season of the Amazing Race.  Our research on Lucerne was limited to that episode of Amazing Race so the first spot we headed to was where the teams headed for their first clue.  The oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge.

Chapel Bridge

The original bridge was built in 1333 but its been through a few fire and rebuilding incidents since then.  It still feels ancient with some of the paintings on the interior dating back to the 17th century.  The best part of the bridge though?  It led over to a place on our little tourist map called Chocolate Land and our hotel had given us a little card that said we could exchange it there for free chocolate.  I like all free things really but free chocolate is up there.

Chocolate Land

By this stage of our Swiss adventure we were completely addicted to chocolate so we also had to load up on some extras.  All part of our master wedding diet plan where we shock our body with so much fatty food it gets so confused the weight just falls off.


We spent the rest of our time in Lucerne wandering around the old town area, along the river and the old castle walls.


Funny Statue

Some of the interesting local artwork

View of Lucerne from The Nine Towers

The week before we left for this trip Dayna had found out that we would be only a short-ish trip away from Liechtenstein.  From Lucerne all we had to do was catch a train to Sargans then jump on a bus across the border to Vaduz, Liechtenstein.  The border crossing was one of the less eventful we’ve had (we didn’t realise we had crossed the border until we started seeing Liechtenstein included in company names on buildings).

Once there we only had one main sight we wanted to see: Vaduz Castle.  The castle is still used as the official residence of the prince of Liechtenstein and unfortunately he didn’t invite us in for a cup of tea so we had to settle for the view from outside.

Luxembourg Castle

Luxembourg Castle

Luxembourg Castle

View of Luxembourg

View of Luxembourg

View of Luxembourg

Some people say Liechtenstein isn’t worth visiting at all and given its size, we didn’t feel we needed much more than a few hours in Liechtenstein but it was still good to see another piece of Europe.  And with the goal of getting to every country in Europe eventually, we need to take advantage of any easy border hopping trips we can!

After saying goodbye to Switzerland (for now, we’ll have to go back one day for the views chocolate) we had our next trip to look forward to:  an Irish wedding in Cork.


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